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What is racestud? is a racing discussion community in the Midwest. Talk about Dirt Track Racing, NASCAR, Sprint Car racing, local Stocks, or any other related topic. You can visit local tracks and sell your stuff on our racing Classified Board. Racestud's racing community Racing Forums Oh/Pa Sprint Oh/Pa Stock Classifieds Eldora Limaland

What is the best dirt track and auto racing website?

Welcome, the #1 Dirt track and Auto racing website in Ohio and Pennsylvania. receives over 150,000 visits and 12,000,000 hits per month. We offer racing news, results, insights, forums, photos, articles from writer Rick Rarer, and great racing discussion.

What is racing racing?

This site is dedicated to the great sport of racing that we love. Racing Racing is the exhileration, the sweat, the heartache, the feeling of victory, and the pain of defeat.

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