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Frequently Asked Questions

How to format tables in R Markdown?

Table Formatting As mentioned earlier in this post, tables in R Markdown are displayed as you see them in the R console by default. To improve the aesthetics of a table in an R Markdown document, use the function knitr::kable (). Here’s an example: There are many other packages for creating tables in R Markdown.

Is R Markdown PDF or HTML a good add-on tool?

However, even if one is not associated with research work and deals in analytics workspace from any domain, R Markdown PDF or HTML can serve as a nice add-on tool to upgrade the existing skillset for well-formatted report writing. Figure-1 Upper section of the pdf output. (Image Source) : Image from author

Is there a way to view data frames in Rmarkdown?

This doesn't do anything for a markdown document. Second, viewing data frames: Using the View function or clicking the grid icon next to a data frame in the Environment opens up the data frame in a tab. Even for large datasets, browsing the table is easy and smooth. There doesn't seem to be a nice equivalent in RMarkdown.

How to run blocks of code in R Markdown?

To run blocks of code in R Markdown, use code chunks. Insert a new code chunk with: Command + Option + I on a Mac, or Ctrl + Alt + I on Linux and Windows. Another option is the “Insert” drop-down Icon in the toolbar and selecting R.

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