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Frequently Asked Questions

Why choose Pyne’s of Somerset?

But here at Pyne’s of Somerset we can offer all those – as our hundreds of regular customers can testify. But it’s not only the quality our products that makes us so special. It’s also the close links we have created and maintained with local farmers since our business was set up by Phil and Beryl Pyne in 1984.

What is the origin of Ahar Pynes?

Ahar-pynes originated in South Bihar, Eastern India. The region is dominated by fertile plains which make South Bihar a productive agricultural center. However, the region's terrain also leaves it prone to negative environmental effects.

What is Ahar-Pynes?

South Bihar is also home to a number of small, fast-flowing tributary rivers that swell during rains and exasperate flooding. To adapt to the region's unpredictable weather, Bihari farmers developed a system of agriculture known as ahar-pynes.

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