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Frequently Asked Questions

What is solar puzzle?

"Solar Puzzle" is a knowledge level game about the Solar System. It is part of the Interactive Astronomy Observatory, to explore and study the 9 main planets of our solar system, plus latest discoveries about new planets, like Sedna and other coming soon from the Oort cloud (according to latest discoveries), and some notable satellites or moons.

Where can I find free online jigsaw puzzles?

Welcome to, an ever-growing collection of free online jigsaw puzzles. Albums on the left have hundreds of free jigsaw puzzles already - feel free to explore and play it all. Or, bookmark and check this page daily for a cool Puzzle of the Day!

What is travel jigsaw puzzles?

The challenge and joy of creating puzzles from your heart and mind for people from all over the world to enjoy and respond to. Puzzles that’ll let you travel the world from wherever you are.

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