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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a putting mat and do you need one?

A: A putting mat is a mat that mimics the real-life environment of a putting green. This can include inclines, declines, as well as any hazards and customization that helps to fine-tune your short game without going to the course.

How do you change the speed of a putting mat?

You can change the speed of this mat simply by brushing it one way or the other. It also comes with wedges that can be placed under the mat to add break. If you want something a little bigger, check out WellPutt’s 13-foot premium pro putting mat. It has six different targets and alignment markings throughout the mat.

Which is the best putting green mat for indoor golf?

MIZIKUSON Indoor Golf Putting Green, Portable Travel Golf Balls Mat with Baffle… Golf Putting Green, Indoor/Outdoor Golf Auto Return Putting Mat with Baffle Plate, Dual… ICECORAL Wood Golf Putting Green Mat with Auto Ball Return System, Mini Golf Game…

What is a true roll putting mat?

True Roll - True Roll is a feature of some putting mats that is designed to have a stimp reading which matches the feel of a real-life green. This helps to prepare you for the same kind of situations once you make it out onto the course.

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