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Frequently Asked Questions

What is mat in computer?

Alternatively referred to as a grounding mat, an antistatic mat is a floor or table mat that reduces the risk of electrostatic discharge while working with electrostatic sensitive equipment. The picture shows an example of a laptop being repaired by a technician. The blue mat under this laptop is an antistatic mat.

What is mat exercise?

Exercise mats are special non-slip mats used during any fitness activity to protect your hands, feet, back, and body while you complete your favorite exercises.

What is your mat?

A mat board, sometimes referred to as a mat, is a cardboard-like material, which sits between a frame and your photograph or artwork to give it a more finished look. Mat boards range in a variety of colors and cores, depending on your needs. The two main purposes of mat board are for decoration and protection.

What is an open mat?

For anyone who might not know, an open mat is an open training session at which there is no organized instruction. Many schools host open mats, and of those many allow students of other academies to attend, sometimes with a decreased (or waived) mat fee.

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