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Frequently Asked Questions

Which is the best putting mat for putting green?

Lakehood Golf Putting Mat - Putting Green with Ball Return, Putting matt for Indoors… prowithlin Golf Putting Mat, Golf Putting Green,Indoor Golf Hitting Mat, Golf Practice… BOBURN Golf Putting Green/Mat-Golf Training Mat- Professional Golf Practice Mat- Green… DURA-PRO Multi-Club Golf Mat - Premium Turf Indoor/Outdoor Mat for Hitting & Chipping…

What is the best speed control putting mat for golf?

CHAMPKEY 10' x 20" SCPS Speed Control Putting Mat - Adjustable for 4 Speeds and… GLOTOP Golf Putting Green Mat with Wood Auto Ball Return System, Game Practice Golf… GimiYaa Golf Putting mat Green Indoor and Outdoor with Auto Ball Return,Game Practice…

Can You putt on a chipping mat at home?

This home putting mat and chipping green is on the higher price range, but it doubles in utility and can help simulate more realistic practice. Pick your distance of short-game practice in the backyard with the portable chipping mat and finish each putt on the inclined putting surface.

How does the perfect practice putting mat work?

The Perfect Practice mat has two different sized hole to really dial in your putting. The material used makes this putting mat one of the quickest we tested. The mat also has a ramp at the end to simulate never leaving a putt short on the course. Once you hole your putt, the ball comes back to you automatically.

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