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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a general management meeting?

What is a general management meeting? General management meetings are probably the most common meetings in many organizations. Whether you run a department, an entire company, a school or a church, you will have meetings with representatives or leaders of all departments together.

What is the purpose of a meeting?

This portion of a meeting is intended to align and resolve any issues swiftly so that everyone can be productive once the meeting is over. This is often where the bulk of meeting time is spent. The team leader or other stakeholders will explore the topics of the meeting with the group and lead them towards the desired outcome.

What should a manager consider when running a meeting?

Any manager running meetings should have a clear idea of the purpose and benefits of the meeting. If the meeting has no value or purpose, you should really question whether the meeting needs to go ahead at all.

What is a team meeting?

“A meeting arranged by a [manager] who has the role and responsibility to manage a team of people, scheduled proactively in discussion with all team members who with the manager decide collectively the meeting frequency and have an option to contribute to the agenda, format, time and location of the meeting.” via Definitions.Net.

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