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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the punkston th61?

This item: Punkston TH61 60% Mechanical Gaming Keyboard,RGB Backlit Wired Ultra-Compact Mini Mechanical Keyboard Full Keys Programmable White (Optical Blue Switch)

What is th61 60% mechanical keyboard?

TH61 60% mechanical keyboard uses optical switches which can be hot swapped for those keen at customization, you can swap the switches easily with a puller with no soldering needed. Great little feature for those DIY inclined folks . (Note Hot-Swap function is for Optical switches only)

Is punkston safe to use?

Due to the different software-packed way, the Punkston software was identified as a virus occasionally. Actually, it's safe. In the latest version, the problem has been resolved. 3. Due to the factory setting, some certain keys might not work at the first use.

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