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Frequently Asked Questions


NCBI BLAST allows you to input a sequence from DNA, RNA or protein residues (amino acids) and find sequences that are identical or similar. To get to BLAST from the NCBI home page, click BLAST from the Popular Resources menu bar on the right of the page.

What is a Nucleotide BLAST?

Nucleotide-nucleotide BLAST (blastn) This program, given a DNA query, returns the most similar DNA sequences from the DNA database that the user specifies. Protein-protein BLAST (blastp) This program, given a protein query, returns the most similar protein sequences from the protein database that the user specifies.

What is the sequence of nucleotides?

the order of NUCLEOTIDES in a NUCLEIC ACID MOLECULE. The nucleotide sequence within a gene determines the AMINO ACID sequence of a PROTEIN product or the RIBONUCLEOTIDE sequence of an RNA product. Nucleotide sequences of DNA are determined by DNA SEQUENCING techniques.

What is a genome blast?

Genome Blast. BLAST is the tool most frequently used for calculating sequence similarity. BLAST comes in variations for use with different query sequences against different databases. Disclaimer: Information in this "Blast How to Guide" was compiled from

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