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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I save a PubMed search and set up alerts?

Saving a PubMed Search and Setting up E-mail Alerts. In PubMed, to save your search strategy and create search alerts, follow these easy steps: Login to My NCBI and run the search you want to save. Next, click Create alert (see image below). On the next screen (see below), you will be prompted to name your search -- enter a name on the topic.

How do I search PubMed for asthma?

For example, you might search PubMed for asthma treatment in children. Under the Search box, click “Save Search”. Give your search a name, then click “Save”. On the next page, select the radio button option to e-mail the results.

How do I register an account with PubMed?

As with most things these days, you have to register an account before you can get anywhere. On the PubMed home screen, click “Sign In” and then choose “Register for an Account”. Fill in all your details and then click “Register”.

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