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Frequently Asked Questions

Can you load other websites without this error on ps3xploit?

Can you load any other web page without this error but Usually this error points to a network connection issue (WiFi) so you might want to check your network settings on ps3 & on router. 1.

How do I stop ps3xploit from working?

Try clearing the history of the browser - cookies, search/browsing history, cache, etc. It is recommended to keep the browser as clean and untouched as possible before accessing in order for the exploit to have the best chance of working properly without issues.

Is ps3xploit dead?

That site is sadly dead. But you can use: thank you! :) So I've opened ps3xploit . Me but it no longer has a BG Tools tab, now I'm just confused as that seems to be the first step in every tutorial I've seen. Any work around or am I missing something? Have you seen MrMario2011’s video on the subject?

Can I use ps3xploit with PS3 proxy server?

Might wanna use ps3xploit with ps3 proxy server if your still on 4.82. You will not be able to use the internet unless you update or use ps3 proxy EDIT: There is an initial version of my app that SHOULD work with 4.81 but was not tested..

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