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What does it mean to be a protectorate?

In more formal terms, we can define a protectorate as a territory or nation controlled by another, more powerful state. Though technically independent, the protectorate is in a state of dependency, with little to no control over its relations with other nations. Some of its domestic and internal activities may also be regulated.

What are the protectorates of the United States?

United States' protectorates and protected states 1 Liberia (1822–1847) 2 Cuba (1898–1934) 3 Republic of Negros (1899–1901) 4 Republic of Zamboanga (1899-1903) 5 Sultanate of Sulu (1903-1915) 6 Philippines (1935–1946), under the provisions of the Tydings–McDuffie Act, the territory would become self-governing... More ...

Is a protectorate an autonomous part of a sovereign state?

Therefore, a protectorate remains an autonomous part of a sovereign state. They are different from colonies as they have local rulers and people ruling over the territory and experience rare cases of immigration of settlers from the country it has suzerainty of.

What is the Protectorate of Andorra?

Protectorates are one of the oldest features of international relations, dating back to the Roman Empire. Civitates foederatae were cities that were subordinate to Rome for their foreign relations. In the Middle Ages, Andorra was a protectorate of France and Spain. Modern protectorate concepts were devised in the nineteenth century. [11]

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