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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the propertyware owner portal?

Propertyware is your gateway to knowledge, product alerts, support requests and more, when and where you want to access it. Sign up or sign in to get started. An even higher level of service with our new Owner Portal. Owners now have access to the documents and data they need, anytime, anywhere, on any device.

How does payments work with propertyware?

Propertyware’s Payments solution fully integrates with the Propertyware owner and tenant portals and reporting and accounting functions to deliver a more comprehensive automated experience that improves accuracy and saves time. Enhance the tenant experience with more choices that set them up to succeed.

Why choose propertyware for property management?

Industry best-practice training, implementation and real-time product phone support services are provided by in-house industry experts that are accessible and responsive. Propertyware is a complete, integrated solution enabling you to manage the full property management lifecycle in one system, seamlessly, and in real time.

What is deliverdeliver propertyware?

Deliver real-time, on-demand visibility to your owners. With Propertyware, owners can view their complete portfolio information including ledgers, documents and back-and-forth communication, delivering a level of confidence and trust they will appreciate.

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