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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Monroe County real property portal?

The Monroe County Real Property Portal is provided as a service to the citizens of our County. It is made available for citizens to gain access to more information on their individual property as well as see information on taxes, historical sales and pay taxes online.

How do I View property taxes for my Street?

Start typing your street to view a list of matches. Select your street from the results to ensure it matches our records. Use the search above to bring up a detailed report of your property and pay/view property taxes.

What does the Real Property Tax Service do?

Real Property Tax Service (RPTS) maintains assessment rolls, apportions the county levy among the 21 assessing jurisdictions in the county, advises local assessors on procedural and legal changes, updates tax maps, processes title change data and reviews both new subdivision and re-subdivision maps for filing.

How accurate is the GIS data provided by Monroe County?

The Monroe County, New York, and their mapping and software consultants provide this GIS data and metadata with no claims as to the completeness, usefulness, or accuracy of its content, positional or otherwise. Your use and browsing of information on this site is at your own risk.

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