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Frequently Asked Questions

What special days are in August?

Obviously the first few days in August are yummy with tons of sweets commemorated (and mustard, which will not go well with watermelon, so plan your celebrations carefully). 4. U.S. Coast Guard Day, and (if the 4th falls on the first Sunday in August) Friendship Day, Sisters Day, and International Forgiveness Day.

What holidays are celebrated in August?

Independence Day is the major national holiday in Ivory Coast. It's annually celebrated on August 7, which is the anniversary of declaration of independence from France. Public Holidays → Canada. The first Monday in August is Civic Holiday in most Canadian provinces.

What are the National days in August?

Historical recap: Annually celebrated on August 7 in the United States, National Lighthouse Day celebrates the importance of lighthouses in maritime navigation. The US Congress designated National Lighthouse Day on August 7, and it was first celebrated in 1989 marking the 200th anniversary of the signing of the Lighthouse Act.

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