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Frequently Asked Questions

What does prepaid means?

Prepaid Definition. Prepaid refers to items paid in advance. Some examples include giftcards, phone minutes, preloaded credit cards, and prepaid tolls, among many other items.

How much does a prepaid phone cost?

DMFL Minutes. The $20 60/120 minute Tracfone card cost 33.3/16.6 cents per minute. The $30 120/240 minute Tracfone Card will cost you 25/12.5 cents per minute. The $40 200/400 minute Trafone Card will cost you 20/10 cents per minute. The $80 450/900 minute Tracfone Card will cost you 17.2/8.8 cents per minute. The $100 400/800 One year card will cost...

How do I set up a prepaid phone?

While the exact steps in setting up a prepaid phone depend on the mobile network you're using, the general steps mainly involve activation of the prepaid account. Insert the new SIM card into the cell phone. If needed, charge it while you read all the documents in the package that comes with the prepaid kit.

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