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Frequently Asked Questions

How early can you tell if you're pregnant?

Most doctors wait until 6-8 weeks to use ultrasound to detect pregnancy, unless there is a medical reason to do so earlier. Detecting pregnancy by listening for the heartbeat with a doppler machine (wand placed on abdomen) cannot be used reliably until at the very earliest 8 weeks, but often closer to 12 weeks.

What are my risks of getting pregnant?

You're more likely to have a difficult pregnancy. Pregnancy complications are another concern. In your 40s you're far more likely to develop problems like high blood pressure and diabetes during pregnancy as well as placental problems and birth complications. You're at higher risk of a small or preterm baby.

What is the danger period to get pregnant?

The risk period is about 5 days and 4 days before ovulation and about 4 days. Women are more likely to conceive in the same room during the dangerous period, so women who do not have any family planning should take contraceptive measures when they are in the same room during the dangerous period.

What is the normal length of pregnancy?

The length of a normal pregnancy can be anything from 37 weeks to 42 weeks. So you have a five-week period when your baby could arrive at any time and it would be considered normal. If you give birth before 37 weeks of pregnancy, your baby is defined as premature and is likely to need extra care.

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