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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a predictive word?

Predictive: being a sign of a later course of events. Synonyms: prophetic… Find the right word.

What does Predictive mean?

predictive. ( prɪˈdɪktɪv) adj. 1. of, relating to, or making predictions. 2. (Telecommunications) text messaging (of mobile phone technology) enabling mobile phones to predict the word being entered in a text message from the first few letters: predictive texting.

What is predictive behavior?

Simply speaking predictive behavior modeling is an area of predictive analytics that tries to predict or model the future behavior of people — in particular customers. The prediction of future behavior can also be formulated as a classification problem.

What is the other word for predictive?

predicting. surmising. auguring. divining. guessing. portending. diagnostic. indicating. “Those who believe in the predictive power of dreams regard them as messages from God or as products of telepathy.”.

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