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Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I buy a pre built tiny house?

At Tiny Heirloom, we offer a wide range of beautiful pre built tiny homes, including both pre-loved and prefab homes. Through our online shop, we also sell tiny house kits, tiny house plans, and tiny house trailers for those looking to go the DIY route.

Why build a modular home in California?

When building in California, modular homes offer a distinct advantage over traditional homes in timeframe to permitting. Modular construction is stick built, it’s just built off site and under the protective roof of a factory versus outside and exposed to the elements.

Where can Sierra tiny houses deliver a house?

From our location in Northern California or Northern Nevada, our company can deliver a house to anywhere in the US. Check out our featured tiny home models below to learn more. Sierra Tiny Houses occasionally has completed tiny houses for sale.

Who is tinysierra tiny houses?

Sierra Tiny Houses is a Northern California and Northern Nevada tiny house builder. We have different models of our tiny houses on wheels (THOW) to give you a variety of solutions to meet your budget and your lifestyle.

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