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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the PDAP program?

PDAP is a youth driven program for adolescents who are looking to overcome drug and alcohol addiction. PDAP not only provides guidance on how live a healthy and sober lifestyle but it also creates an alternative peer group for PDAP members, thus giving them a safe & secure environment to implement change & build lifelong friendships.

What is the PPDA doing to fight corruption and fraud?

Being the regulator of public procurement in Uganda, the PPDA has zero tolerance against corruption and fraud. All Public Officers and PPDA staff must behave and act according to our ethical values.

What is the PDAP parent's heart?

In the PDAP Family Group the symbol for program participation is the Parent's Heart. The heart is made from carved wood, and is also suspended on a leather thong. Embossed on the heart is a Monkey Fist symbolizing the drug abuser who lives in each PDAP parentÕs heart. Houston, we too have a problem...

What is the function of ppadb?

The primary mandate of PPADB is to adjudicate and award tenders for Central Government and any other institutions specified under the Act for the delivery of works, services and supplies. The Board is also responsible for registration and discipline of contractors who do business with Government.

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