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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the PPDA in football?

To measure the pressure that the defending team puts on the opposition players when they are in possession of the ball. The PPDA metric is calculated by dividing the number of passes allowed by the defending team by the total number of defensive actions.

What does a PPDA of 10 mean?

This means that a PPDA of 10 would tell us that the team allowed the opposition to play 10 passes without interrupting them by a tackle, challenge (failed tackle), foul or interception on average. Therewith, the PPDA is supposed to be an indicator for the pressing intensity.

What can we learn from the PPDA against?

Since the opposition pressing approach is alway dependent of the own build-up play and vice versa, the PPDA against can be of interest as well. It shows how intense the opposition sides press against team XY.

Can the PPDA be used as a quantitative analysis?

The PPDA does not tell us, however, whether a side simply sit back in a deep block or whether they attempted to press but failed to do so. As a consequence, the PPDA as a part of quantitative analysis should only be used in combination with qualitative analysis meaning observation of the teams’ approaches.

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