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Frequently Asked Questions

What is PPDA?

PPDA Forms – The Public Procurement and Disposal of Public Assets Authority Menu Home– About Us– Role of PPDA–

What are the amendments to the PPDA law?

The amendments to the PPDA law have introduced several changes prominent of which is the strengthening and enhancement of the role of PPDA in the execution of its regulatory mandate... Read More Vision & Mission Statements– Our Vision:A Dynamic Facilitator of the Public Procurement and Asset Disposal System for Sustainable National Development.

What is the PPDA doing to fight corruption and fraud?

Being the regulator of public procurement in Uganda, the PPDA has zero tolerance against corruption and fraud. All Public Officers and PPDA staff must behave and act according to our ethical values.

Who is the new PPDA board chairperson?

The newly appointed PPDA Board, led by Board Chairperson Counsel John Suzi Banda, has started its work. The Board is this week meeting for the first time in the Lakeshore District of Mangochi PPDA stakeholder Consultative Meetings.

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