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Frequently Asked Questions

What does the future hold for urban mobility?

Urban mobility is one of the toughest challenges that cities face; accordingly, we will see massive investment in the future. Today, 64% of all travel kilomet- res made are urban and the amount of travel within urban areas is expected to triple by 2050.

How can 2 companies power the future of mobility?

Powering the future of mobility 2 companies can do more to educate and incentivize customers to purchase electric cars, and they have the opportunity to become major players in the buildout of EV charging infrastructure (wired and eventually wireless).

What are the different technologies used in urban mobility?

Vehicle computers, road sensors, AI, and intelligent cameras are some of the technologies that make intelligent transportation systems possible. Intel and our partners have developed multiple technologies, hardware, and software for urban mobility and smart cities.

Can utility planners pave the way for future mobility trends?

Utility planners clearly have their eyes on future mobility trends and are seeking to pave the way. As these cases move through the California Public Utilities Commission, other utilities and regulators across the country are watching.

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