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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I show a list of items in PowerApps?

Show a list of items in PowerApps. Show a list of items from any data source by adding a Gallery control to your canvas app. This topic uses Excel as the data source. Filter the list by configuring the Gallery control to show only those items that match the filter criterion in a Text input control.

How to configure data forms in Microsoft PowerApps?

Understand data forms in Microsoft PowerApps. To have the Form control work property, we need to configure the DataSource property and the item property. Item property is one single record from the table configured under DataSource property.

What are editedit form and display form controls in PowerApps?

Edit form and Display form controls in PowerApps. Display, edit, and create a record in a data source. Description. If you add a Display form control, the user can display all fields of a record or only the fields that you specify.

Why can't I see the Status column in PowerApps studio?

If the "Status" column could be displayed within your app properly, you could ignore this prompt info within your PowerApps Studio. If the issue still exists, please consider re-generate a new app based on your SQL Table data source, then check if the issue is solved.

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