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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I suspend my New York Times delivery?

1. How do I suspend my newspaper delivery? Log in to your New York Times account. Navigate to the Home Delivery tab. Click Suspend in the Delivery Suspensions section. Click Add Suspension.

What happened to Apple and the Washington Post?

Last week, Apple said it was indefinitely postponing office-return plans and The Washington Post announced it was mandating booster shots and weekly testing. And over the weekend, CNN closed its offices to nonessential employees.

Will NYC schools reopen after the holiday break?

A growing number of districts have postponed reopening after the holiday break or switched to remote instruction. But many of the nation’s largest systems, including New York City, vowed to keep students in classrooms. Schools nationwide confront the chaos of Omicron.

Why did Apple delay the return to the office?

Apple delayed its return to office “to a date yet to be determined.” The company told employees on Wednesday of the change in plans after already pushing back its return date three times. It also temporarily shut stores in Annapolis, Md., Miami and Ottawa in response to a rise in coronavirus cases.

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