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Frequently Asked Questions

How did porridge radio start?

She formed Porridge Radio as a way to express herself by using inspiration from the sea and her seaside home of Brighton. The band was formed with Maddie Ryall on bass, Georgie Stott on keyboard, and Sam Yardley on drums. Hello Dog Friendly (Split album with West America; Memorials of Distinction, January 2016)

Who are the members of the band portableporridge radio?

Porridge Radio are a British indie rock band formed in Brighton in 2015. They are fronted by vocalist, songwriter and lead guitarist Dana Margolin. The other members are keyboardist Georgie Stott, bass guitarist Maddie Ryall and drummer Sam Yardley.

Is porridge radio's 'Born Confused' a good song?

But Porridge Radio’s alchemy is equal parts severity and humor. By the end of “Born Confused,” as Margolin chants “Thank you for leaving me, thank you for making me happy,” her tone devolves from cheerful to deranged to completely shattered, gasping for air, like an absurdist deconstruction of Ariana Grande’s “ thank u, next .”

Are P Orridge radio the best band in the world?

P orridge Radio frontwoman Dana Margolin recently gave an interview to the NME that took its headline from one of her quotes: “I’ve always known that we’re the best band in the world.”

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