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Frequently Asked Questions

When is the population of Texas counted?

No longer updated. For more population figures, please see the other resources listed on our About Texas page. From 1930 forward, the official count date for the U.S. decennial census is April 1. Census estimates reflect July 1 populations in the given year.

What caused the population of Texas to increase between 2000-2010?

Texas' population growth between 2000 and 2010 represents the highest population increase, by number of people, for any U.S. state during this time period. The large population increase can somewhat be attributed to Texas' relative insulation from the U.S. housing bubble.

What is the population of the major cities in Texas?

Texas has three cities with more than 1 million people: Dallas, Houston and San Antonio, which also rank as 10 of the most populous cities in the country. There are also three cities with a population over 500,000, which are El Paso, Fort Worth and the capital, Austin, which are among the 25 largest cities in the US.

What is the largest ethnic group in Texas?

There are also large populations of Italian Americans (472,000) and French Americans (600,000) in Texas. Black Americans are the largest racial minority in the state, with blacks of Hispanic and non-Hispanic origin making up less than 12% of the population.

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