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How did Canada's population grow after WW1?

Population growth continued to be slow through the First World War, Great Depression and Second World War, following which growth rates began to increase again. Today, Canada’s population growth is dependent on international migration. As of the 2016 census, Canada’s population was nearly 35.2 million (35,151,728).

What was the population of Canada in the 1911 census?

Births and immigration in Canada from 1850 to 2000. The 1911 census was a detailed enumeration of the population showing a count of 7,206,643 individuals. This was an increase of 34% over the 1901 census of 5,371,315.

How many people did the 1916 census of Canada collect?

The enumerators collected information for 1,686,666 individuals distributed as follows: In 1955, the Dominion Bureau of Statistics was authorized by the Public Records Committee to microfilm and destroy the original paper records of the 1916 Census. As a result, only a microfilm copy of the census exists as an archival holding.

What was the population of Upper Canada in 1811?

1811--Population of Upper Canada, calculated from the assessment rolls furnished to the Provincial Legislature, 77,000. (Bouchette--The British Dominions, Vol. I., page 108.) 1814--Population of Lower Canada, estimated at 335,000. (Bouchette--Topographie, page 10.)

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