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Frequently Asked Questions

Why is Pongal celebrated?

Pongal is celebration time for farmers and they thank nature for aiding in producing a bumper harvest. It is celebrated on the first day of "Thai" month and it is considered highly auspicious and marks the beginning of good things and a new harvest season.

How is Pongal celebrated?

The Pongal is a harvest festival celebrated on four days by giving thanks to the nature and worshiping the Sun God. “Spill over” or “boiling overs” is the meaning of word Pongal. The festival usually occurs as per Gregorian calender from January 13 – 15. It takes place in the state of Tamil Nadu in India.

What is the significance of Pongal festival?

The significance of the festival of Pongal: The Pongal festival has existed from ancient times, from 200 B.C. ... It was during that time that the young maidens took up strict penance to pray to the gods to have a plentiful harvest. ... They prayed to Goddess Katyayani and brought an end to their penance after there was a bountiful harvest. ... More items...

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