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Frequently Asked Questions

What does onset of polymyositis feel like?

Signs and symptoms include muscle weakness that develops slowly over weeks or months. Other symptoms, such as muscle shortening, fever, feeling more tired than usual, and joint pains may be seen. Polymyositis may also affect other body parts. You may have heart problems and trouble swallowing or breathing.

Does polymyositis go away?

Polymyalgia rheumatica usually goes away within one year, but it could last several years. People with polymyalgia rheumatica often have giant cell arteritis a disorder associated with inflammation of arteries located on each side of the head.

What is the difference between myositis and myopathy?

Myopathy means diseases of muscles like muscular dystrophy, myosotis. Myalgia means pain in muscle. Rhabdomyolysis means death of muscle fibers. These terms are not interchangeable. Myopathy implies a problem with the muscle itself, many different causes.

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