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Frequently Asked Questions

What is pointclub?

PointClub launched in 2012 and is run by Innovate MR, an independently-owned market research firm with more than 3,500,000 panelists and over 10,000,000 survey completions. Complete paid surveys on PointClub's engaging online platform to get paid for your opinions.

What is pointclub survey site?

PointClub is an online survey site that pays its members for participating in online surveys. Innovative Market Research owns and operates PointClub, just as it does iPoll. This platform boasts of well-paid surveys that are also significantly easy to complete.

How to sign up and earn with pointclub?

How to Sign Up and Earn with PointClub Becoming a member of the PointClub platform is easy, as it requires just a few keystrokes on your gadget. The easiest way to join is by registering either via your Google or your Facebook account on You can also use the traditional method, which involves using your email.

Is pointclub legit or scam?

PointClub is a legit company that does what it promises – it provides a platform to help you earn money easily. Innovate MR is a company that operates the PointClub website, which is a highly reputable market research firm conducting high-quality surveys.

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