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Frequently Asked Questions

Is the Tha a PNM party group?

The THA is certainly not a PNM party group. The Trinidad Express reported that Mr Kelvin Charles will resign as chief secretary of the THA, ‘while the new political leader of the Tobago PNM council’ is to be ‘installed as a councillor’. Mr Charles’ resignation followed a meeting held with the prime minister in Tobago last weekend.

Why work at PNM?

PNM is looking for people to join our dedicated, talented and diverse workforce across New Mexico. Our team members embrace collaboration as they serve our customers with reliable, affordable, and environmentally responsible electricity.

What happened to the PNM in the 2000 elections?

The PNM lost again to the UNC in the 2000 General Elections, but a split in the UNC forced new elections in 2001. These elections resulted in an 18–18 tie between the PNM and the UNC, and President Arthur N. R. Robinson appointed Manning as Prime Minister.

Who was the leader of the PNM in the 1991 election?

He appointed Wendell Mottley, Keith Rowley and Augustus Ramrekersingh as his deputy leaders. The PNM was returned to power in the 1991 elections after the NAR self-destructed. In the 1991 election it won 21 of 36 seats with 45% of the vote. However, in the latter half of that term the party became unstable.

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