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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the role of PMTT in project management?

A crucial function of PMTT is to deliver successful projects more effectively and efficiently. This is because PMTT are considered an important element of project management processes as depicted in Figure 1 (PMI, 2000; APM, 2000).

Why choose Matt for your project?

Matt has an incredible attention to detail, exceptional project management skills, and is a stickler for things being done right. His communication with us through the course of the project was frequent and transparent, always allowing us to be "in the know" about how things were progressing at all times.

Why Project Management Advisors?

Project Management Advisors (PMA) believes that relationships built on trust achieve optimal results. Whether we are managing the entire development of a multi-building campus or advising an investor in a real estate project, earning our client’s confidence is the first and most important step toward success.

Why PMA for your project?

Ross values PMA's commitment to helping clients navigate complex projects and believes it is what sets PMA apart in today's market. He values the diversity of individual experience and expertise within PMA that, when fused in a team, creates unmatched collaboration and a collective perspective.

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