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Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a music video for plush?

With the music video for "Plush", Stone Temple Pilots won for "Best New Artist" at the MTV Video Music Award in 1994. This song can be heard on Radio X in the computer game "Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas". There is an acoustic version of "Plush" performed by Scott Weiland and guitarist Dean DeLeo on the MTV show "Headbangers Ball" in 1992.

What are the top 10 plush songs?

About “Plush” 1 Dead & Bloated 2 Sex Type Thing 3 Wicked Garden 4 No Memory 5 Sin 6 Naked Sunday 7 Creep 8 Piece of Pie 9 Plush

Who wrote plush?

The latter two are actually credited as the song’s lyricists. And well-traveled behind-the-scenes’ man Breandan O’Brien served as producer of the track. “Plush” has made its way onto a handful of videogames. One such famous games is Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas (2004).

Is plush still a hit of the 90s?

Plush is a quintessential hit of the 90s. And unlike many big songs from that decade, it has stood the test of time. In fact, most of the original criticism, of the song and the band, has faded. Nowadays, critics rave about the Stone Temple Pilots and their place in musical history.

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