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Frequently Asked Questions

Does Seattle have snow plows?

Seattle’s streets are serviced by vehicles with snow plows, salt spreaders and/or de-icing equipment, according to the city’s website. The city has background information about its snow routes and map here, and there are answers to some frequently asked questions here.

Should Seattle's busy streets be plowed first?

Busy streets that connect Seattle neighborhoods with downtown and the rest of the region are supposed to be plowed first, particularly when they’re important for getting to major public institutions like hospitals and schools, they’re important for first responders, or they’re important for major employers.

Do we plow streets when it snows?

When snow falls, crews continuously plow streets and treat them with salt where needed. We prioritize routes used by first responders and transit to major institutions like hospitals, schools, and major employers. Non-arterial streets are not plowed.

Are non-arterial streets plowed?

Non-arterial streets are not plowed. Download the Seattle Snow Plow Routes mapthat shows the different snow routes in two different colors: gold and emerald. GOLD Snow Routes These are streets of regional importance for hospitals, buses, large trucks, and major employers.

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