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Frequently Asked Questions

What did Plato critique in his book 'the Republic'?

Plato uses The Republic to deliver a damning critique of democracy that renders it conducive to mass ignorance, hysteria, and ultimately tyranny. Democracy in Ancient Athens Plato witnessed...

What books did Plato write?

“The Republic by Plato” was written in 1508.Originally published in 1606, The Republic is a Socratic dialogue by Plato.Having been one of the key works of philosophy and political theory, Plato’s works also rank highly among his most prominent. What Are The Two Books Of Plato? Euthyphro. Parmenides. What Was Plato Book Called?

What is Plato the Republic about?

What Is Plato's Republic? The Republic by Plato is a text that describes the importance of being just in the world, and by being just, one is happy. It is a text that describes an ideal city and a way through which a just and philosophical governance can create happiness.

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