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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get a new license plate in Missouri?

SUMMARY: Missouri License Plates. You can apply for MO license plates by registering your vehicle in person at a licensing office or through your vehicle dealer. You'll renew your tags by renewing your registration online, by mail, or in person.

What are the different types of license plates in Missouri?

Types of Missouri License Plates. Most vehicles are required to display MO license plates form the Missouri Department of Revenue (DOR). Some vehicles must have a tag both on the front AND the rear. Others will only need a rear license plate. The MO DOR will issue the correct number of tags for your vehicle.

How do I Surrender a stolen license plate in Missouri?

Surrender them in person at a Missouri license office. You must surrender lost, stolen, or damaged license plates when you order replacements. You may have to surrender plates if you get a different plate type, such as a disability parking plate or personalized plate . Passenger vehicles: Varies by taxable horsepower.

How do I know what number of tags I need in Missouri?

The MO DOR will issue the correct number of tags for your vehicle. In addition to license plates, you'll receive a color-coded registration tab showing the plate's expiration date to put on your license plate.

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