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Frequently Asked Questions

What is three plate mold?

A three-plate mold is used when part of the runner system is on a different plane to the injection location. The runner system for a three-plate mold sits on a second parting plane parallel to the main parting plane. This second parting plane enables the runners and sprue to be ejected when the mold is opened.

What is plaster mold?

Definition of plaster mold. 1 : any of several imperfect fungi (as Papulaspora byssina) that invade cultivated mushroom beds and tend to form white or brown plastery patches on the surface. 2 : an injury to a mushroom bed caused by a plaster mold.

What is a mold base?

A mold base is an assembly of steel plates that contain the cores and cavities of a mold. The Mold Base feature creates a mold base from provided content libraries.

What is pottery mold?

The most common Pottery Mold is the Press Mold. The Press Molds, also known as Sprig Molds for Clay, are usually an open, flat design manufactured from plaster which is appropriate for slip casting or working with moist clay.

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