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Frequently Asked Questions

Is the Plantronics explorer 500 a good phone system?

The Plantronics Explorer 500 isn't brimming with cutting-edge features, but it delivers reliable calling at a reasonable price. The Voyager 5200 offers better voice quality and range, but it's significantly larger and twice the price of the Explorer. If your needs are simple, the Explorer 500 is a solid bet.

What is the difference between the Plantronics backbeat 500 and 500 fit?

The Plantronics BackBeat 500 FIT look identical to the BackBeat 500 but feature a P2i water-repellent nano-coating. It’s hard to make packaging more sparse than that of the BackBeat 500 FIT, but Plantronics includes the essentials: a 3.5mm cable (yes, this is still essential ), a micro-USB charging cable, and the headphones themselves.

Does the Plantronics rig 500 have good sound quality?

Both Plantronics Rig 500 Pro models (Esports and HX) feature great microphones, but the overall audio quality isn't what it should be for the prices of either model. Plantronics Rig 500 Pro... Editor’s Note: We initially tested a version of the Plantronics RIG 500 Esports Edition that had sound issues.

Are Plantronics Bluetooth headsets any good?

Plantronics has long been my go-to Bluetooth headset brand for call quality, although its designs range from dull to aggressively corporate. The company's mid-priced Explorer 500 headset ($59.99) fits in with that heritage: It sounds good, works well, and has a lot of fit options, but few would call it pretty.

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