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Frequently Asked Questions

What does Wq stand for?

Keystrokes popularized from the text editor VIM/VI. : wq is a (case-sensitive) combination of keystrokes popular among Linux programmers that will save the file and then exit the program. Very popular among forum members as a way of say "I'm done" or "Finished" after making a statement.

What is the difference between “Wq” and “X”?

The difference between these two commands is that :x writes the buffer to the file only if there are unsaved changes, whereas :wq always writes the buffer to file and updates the file modification time. To exit the editor, without saving the changes, switch to normal mode by pressing Esc, type :q! and hit Enter. Type :q!

What is the difference between Wq and wq in Linux?

Linux ESC: The difference between wq and wq! Wq (Save and exit write%quite): Forces writing even if the file has not been modified, and updates the modification time of the file. The difference between wq and wq! Wq (Save edit operation and exit): Mandatory write to file and exit.

What is Wq framework?

wq is a modular framework for bespoke survey and geospatial data collection apps, with built-in support for offline installation and sync. With just a few CLI commands and an XLSForm definition, wq can automatically generate a fully functional Django + React application that syncs directly to your existing database.

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