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Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a pool at Planet Hollywood?

Bask by Planet Hollywood's The Scene Pool Deck and go for a swim or surf -- the pool area consists of two pools and two hot tubs as well as the Strip's first ever Flow Rider wave machine.

What are the best family pools in Las Vegas?

Golden Nugget – Equally as impressive as the strip hotels and also a top choice for the best family pools in Las Vegas is The Tank at the Golden Nugget in Downtown Las Vegas. At the center of the swimming pool is 200,000 gallon shark tank where swimmers can get an up-close look.

Are there any indoor pools in Las Vegas?

In fact, there aren’t any hotels on the Las Vegas Strip with indoor swimming pools. Unlike what you may see on other Las Vegas-related sites, (including reputable ones), or from Yahoo Answer questions that date back to the Bush Administration, the Tropicana Hotel and Casino on the Las Vegas Strip does NOT have an indoor swimming pool.

How many pools are there in Las Vegas?

According to PKData figures, there are 55,460 pools in the Las Vegas Metropolitan Statistical Area. That includes in-ground as well as above-ground pools. Generally, the ratio of in-ground to above-ground is just under 5/1 in Vegas, so that would mean there are about 10,000 above-ground and some 45,000 in-ground pools.

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