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Frequently Asked Questions

What is an placement?

placement noun (JOB/SCHOOL/HOME) the act of placing someone in a particular job, organization, school, or place where they can live: There are students for whom this school is not the best possible placement.

What is a private placement?

A placement is the sale of securities to a small number of private investors that is exempt from registration with the Securities and Exchange Commission under Regulation D, as are fixed annuities. This exemption makes a placement a less expensive way for a company to raise capital compared with a public offering.

What is placement in HRM?

Placement is the act of offering the job to a finally selected candidate. It is the act of finally assigning the rank and responsibility to an employee, identifying him with a particular job. In the words of P igors and Myers, “Placement is the determination of the job to which an accepted candidate is to be assigned and his assignment to that job.

What is the meaning of placement in football?

location; arrangement: the placement of furniture. Football. the placing of the ball on the ground in attempting a place kick. the position of the ball. a place kick. a score made by a place kick: Jones made 43 consecutive placements last season.

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