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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the meaning of placement?

n. 1. the act of placing, as in a suitable job, grade, or school. 2. the state of being placed. 3. location; arrangement: the placement of furniture. 4. (in sports) the placing or directing of a ball, regarded in terms of tactics or skill.

What is the Act of placing?

the act of placing. the state of being placed. the act of an employment office or employer in filling a position. location; arrangement: the placement of furniture. Football. the placing of the ball on the ground in attempting a place kick. the position of the ball.

What is placement in job hunting?

Placement is the act of offering the job to a finally selected candidate. It is the act of finally assigning the rank and responsibility to an employee, identifying him with a particular job. In the words of P igors and Myers, “Placement is the determination of the job to which an accepted candidate is to be assigned and his assignment to that job.

What are the benefits of placement services?

Providing flexibility: Placement services can offer different types of placements, including full-time, permanent positions and short-term, part-time options. The flexibility of these opportunities can help different kinds of job seekers find the right position to fit their needs.

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