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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I identify hazmat placards?

Each hazmat sign has up to six main parts: Hazard classification number - See below. UN/NA number - See above. Compatibility letters - Some placards include the letters A-S, which let shippers and carriers know which explosive materials can be loaded together onto a trailer. Color - Other than classification numbers, hazmat placards are most easily identified by their different colors.

What do the numbers mean on hazardous placards?

These numbers, usually ranging from 0004-3534 , are called United Nations (U.N.) numbers, and are assigned by the U.N. to help identify hazardous international cargo, or the specific class of hazardous international cargo that is traveling in the U.S. 1203 placard, while combustible liquids are assigned the U.N. Click to see full answer.

What are hazardous materials placards?

A hazardous materials placard is a diamond-shaped sign that must be affixed to any motor vehicle that carries hazardous materials. Ordinarily, it has a four digit number in the middle of the placard and a one digit number at the bottom that shows the hazard class and specific material being carried.

Which are hazardous material placards?

For example: Red placards indicate the material is flammable; Green placards indicate the material is non-flammable; Yellow placards indicate the material is an oxidizer; Blue placards indicate the material is dangerous when wet; White placards indicate the material is an inhalation hazard and/or poison; Black and white placards indicate the material is corrosive; More items...

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