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Frequently Asked Questions

Can placards be used on transport containers and tanks?

Placards displayed on motor vehicles, transport containers, or portable tanks may be used to satisfy this requirement, if the placards otherwise conform to the provisions of this subpart.

What is a hazardous material placard?

(i)The material being offered or transported is a hazardous material; (ii)The placard represents a hazard of the hazardous material being offered or transported; and (iii)Any placarding conforms to the requirements of this subpart.

What is the size of the “*” on a placard?

The “*” shall be replaced, when required, with the appropriate compatibility group letter. The division numeral, 1.5, must measure at least 64 mm (2.5 inches) in height. The text, numerals and inner border must be black. § 172.525 EXPLOSIVES 1.6 placard. (a) Except for size and color the EXPLOSIVES 1.6 placard must be as follows:

What are the requirements for a placard?

Placards must conform to the following: (1) A placard may be made of any plastic, metal or other material capable of withstanding, without deterioration or a substantial reduction in effectiveness, a 30-day exposure to open weather conditions. (2) A placard made of tagboard must be at least equal to that designated commercially as white tagboard.

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