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Frequently Asked Questions

What are hazardous material placards?

A hazardous materials placard is a diamond-shaped sign that must be affixed to any motor vehicle that carries hazardous materials. Ordinarily, it has a four digit number in the middle of the placard and a one digit number at the bottom that shows the hazard class and specific material being carried.

When to placard hazardous materials?

There are only three specific times that you MUST placard for subsidiary hazards. The first are Hazardous materials that are poisonous by inhalation. That would be hazard classes 2.3 and 6.1 The second are hazardous materials that are Dangerous When Wet, hazard class 4.3

What is hazmat placard 1993?

These little signs are commonly known as DOT placards, and the Department of Transportation (DOT) mandates that these signs be used whenever hazardous materials and dangerous goods are being transported. One of the most common placards is the 1993 dot placard, which is used for eight chemical listings.

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