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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I find unique placards for my container?

If you are looking for unique placards, watch the placards going by on intermodal containers that are passing through our area. Also, some containers or tank cars may have a placard without the four digit “UN” number, but instead will have an “orange” panel with the UN number on it.

What are the Federal Regulations for hazardous materials placards?

According to federal regulations, each freight container, railcar, transport vehicle, or other vessel carrying hazardous materials must display placards on each side and each end.

Where are placards required to be posted?

Placards are required to be posted on all four sides of a “bulk container” (rail car, truck, intermodal container), meaning there needs to be four placards. In addition to tank cars and intermodal, you will find hazardous materials being transported in box cars, covered hoppers, gondolas, and on flat cars.

How do you label Toxic Materials on a placard?

For toxic materials, the sign will be labeled poison, PG III (PG = packing group) or inhalation hazard with a skull-and-crossbones image. For biohazards, the placard will say infectious substance and have a biohazard symbol (three circles overlapping one center circle).

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