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Is the Steelers' record tied to JJ Watt more than Ben Roethlisberger?

The Pittsburgh Steelers’ record and finish is undeniably tied to Watt just as much as it is Ben Roethlisberger, perhaps more so. If... Every year, the NFL’s communications department is eager to point out how many nonplayoff teams from the previous season either qualify for the postseason or win their divisions the next season.

Who is Steelers punter Pressley Harvin?

The curiosity surrounding the big leg of punter Pressley Harvin has made him a relatively high-profile rookie, too. But there’s A day after word leaked that the long-awaited contract extension for T.J. Watt had been agreed to, the Pittsburgh Steelers announced the deal to make it official.

How did Stephon Tuitt's absence affect Josh Allen in Steelers game?

The absence of defensive end Stephon Tuitt wasn’t felt Sunday when the Pittsburgh Steelers swarmed Buffalo Bills quarterback Josh Allen throughout a 23-16 victory. Allen, who was in MVP consideration last year, was sacked three times and led the Bills to just one touchdown in the season opener.

Are the Steelers already scouting a QB for next year's draft?

Marcus Mosher of Raiders Wire joins me to look at the Las Vegas Raiders before they come to Pittsburgh for Sunday's 2021 home opener at Heinz Field. To listen to the podcast later, you can download complete podcast. The Steelers may already be scouting a quarterback for next year’s draft. The Bengals have signed a former Steelers free agent.

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