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Frequently Asked Questions

What airports are near Pittsburgh?

The nearest major airport is Pittsburgh International Airport (PIT / KPIT). This airport has international and domestic flights and is 17 miles from the center of Pittsburgh, PA. Another major airport is Arnold Palmer Regional Airport (LBE / KLBE), which has domestic flights from Latrobe, Pennsylvania and is 45 miles from Pittsburgh, PA.

What is the closest international airport to Pittsburgh?

The closest airport to Pittsburgh is Pittsburgh International Airport (PIT). Distance from Pittsburgh International Airport to Pittsburgh, PA is 13.0 miles / 20.9 kilometers.

How long is the flight from LAX to Pittsburgh?

Flight time from Los Angeles to Pittsburgh is 4 hours 38 minutes. Non-Stop flight duration from LAX to PIT is 4 hours 38 minutes (Operated by American Airlines) The nearest airport to Los Angeles, is Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) and the nearest airport to Pittsburgh, is Allegheny County Airport (AGC) Distance from Los Angeles to Pittsburgh is approximately 3460 kilometers.

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