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Frequently Asked Questions

What happened in Pittsburg CA?

Search locations, channels, topics, people... Pittsburg, California – Earlier this week, a court ordered the release of three men from detention who are facing 19 charges of felony armed robbery in connection with a crime spree throughout the East Bay that began in August. The suspects were released from custody on Friday, according to police.

What happened to Pittsburg unified school district?

Pittsburg Unified in the East Bay disproportionately placed Black students and English learners in special education classrooms, did not provide them the services they need, and was more likely to suspend or expel those students, according to the suit, filed by the American Civil Liberties Union of Northern California.

What happened to the man killed by Pittsburg Police?

Police say they found a person shot to death inside of the vehicle. KTVU's Henry Lee reports. Pittsburg police released body cam video and the names of the officers who killed a young father who had been banging on his ex-girlfriend's door and then pointed a gun at them while retreating up an apartment complex stairwell.

Did Pittsburg police confiscate illegal fireworks from an ice cream truck?

Contra Costa County Fire Protection District says they made an overnight arrest after a suspected arson that involved four vehicles in Pittsburg on Tuesday. Pittsburg police confiscated illegal fireworks from an ice cream truck over the July 4th weekend.

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